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STAGE: Support Talent And Give Encouragement

STAGE is the booster club that was started by parents from the Robert Lee Dance Studio to help support the dancers.

The objective of STAGE is to Support Talent And Give Encouragement to all the students at Robert Lee School of Dance.

An Executive Board voted by the general membership leads Stage. The Executive Board holds meetings throughout the dance year. The Board also holds meetings throughout the dance year for the general membership. These meetings are not mandatory to attend but are highly encouraged. Stage is always looking for input and suggestions from its members.

STAGE Sponsors fundraisers in which the profits are split between STAGE and its members (the percentage split varies depending on the fundraiser). Member profits can be used toward tuition, competition fees, costumes, pictures, or recital tickets.

The profits STAGE earns are used to provide help to the all STAGE members. In addition, STAGE sponsors a Scholarship program.

By joining STAGE, you will be able to participate in the fundraisers and other activities that STAGE sponsors for its general membership.

In addition, participation in the STAGE sponsored Scholarship Program is offered to all STAGE Members that are ages 5 and up by September 1st and have completed the minimum of two (2) fundraisers at that time.

The cost to join is $20.00 per family for the dance year (Sept 1st to Aug 31st). Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings, or anyone else who want to support the dance arts can join. Thank you for supporting STAGE and we look forward to a great and successful dance year!